Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy 2012!!!

I cant believe how time flies even when you are home bound and living thru hell with a chronic illness, chronic pain and chronic fatigue.
I welcomed the New Year with open arms...I needed another new and fresh start to hopefully start making headway with all these stupid and aggravating health problems. In December I had a breast tumor removed, and next Friday I am scheduled to have most of my cevix removed.
I have had to go through iv infusions at the Rheumatologist's office, and she wants to see if my insurance will cover Humira at home injections. My first one was this past Tuesday, and now it is all on hold. My Rheumy had given me two sample injections to get me thru the month until she gets the approval from my insurance company. But, now with the uncertainty of cervical cancer, I have to put off doing another Humira injection until the pathology report comes back after my surgery. The Rheumy is also still working on getting my Celebrex approved thru the insurance company without having to go thru all the pre-requisite drugs that would mess up my stomach way worse. So, my GI doctor had to send my medical history, and the endoscopy findings to my rheumy so she can use my stomach conditions as grounds to skip all the pre req drugs.
It really does feel like a cha cha for my health. One step forward, one or two steps back.

January 16th
Finished two week round of Ceftin antibiotics, with a ten day round of cough suppressants and now I have a lovely inhaler since my PCP says I may be asthmatic.

January 23rd
Express Care for trouble breathing, swollen & sore throat, with chest congestion and severe cough. Possibly asthmatic, and I now have bronchitis! So, I start my 5 day stint of Z-pack antiobiotics, and continue use of my inhaler. I have to pick up Cloraseptic spray to numb my throat, and also get Sucrets numbing throat lozenges. Fun, fun...

January 25th
My wonderful Physician's Assistant that I see at the Pain Management Clinic finally got my fentanyl patches approved! Woo-Hoo! But, I have to wait until after my surgery Friday to start using them. I just stopped Prednisone, today will be my last day of Percocet since she is swapping that for Oxycodone (basically its percocet without tylenol), tomorrow is the last day for my antiobiotics. Friday is surgery, and then will be my very last day of using oral Morohine sulfates.

January 27th
Surgery....having a LEEP (Laser excision process) procedure for my cervix removal. Nurses drugged me up pre-op with fentanyl and anti-ametics, then switched me from sedation to general anesthesia because of my pain levels. After surgery, I was given many doses of Delaudid, Fentanyl, oral percocet, and iv Benedryl.

January 29th
Last night at our friend's house, I went to take a pee break, and ended up with a fainting/dizzy spell that ended up with me banging my head into the ledge of the bathroom sink very hard. I had trouble with my vision for quite some time, and could not walk on my own. My knees kept wanting to give out on me. We opted to come home rather than go to the ER bc I hate that fricking ER (I teased that they would probably have xray'd my foot and sent me home with a clean bill of health). But I hit my right hip pretty hard on the edge of the toilet. After finally settling into bed last night and getting some rest, I awoke to such severe pain in my left hip (which is my bad one). This pain was more severe than it has ever been in that hip....even after I was struck in that hip by a vehicle as I was walking through a parking lot.
Today is the first day in the two years that Ive been with Sonny that Ive asked him to stay home with me. And since he is the manager, he had to go in to work. He could not find a single person willing to cover the shift for him; even knowing the situation.
Im so frustrated because its a major frustration on him also. He's getting worn down by all the added stress that my health problems are causing us both, and I cant blame him For being frustrated. Im just so messed up mentally right now by not knowing what to do or say. Im more than a little lost today :-(