Thursday, March 24, 2016

ISO Barge Fog Horn

My brain fog has been so thick lately. I forget things as soon as I've said them. I need notes for my notes apparently, because I've even begun to forget to take my notebook with me to dr appts (important ones!), and trying to remember all that was said is very exhausting when the fog is there 24/7, and never lets up completely...but is mostly thick enough to cut with a butter knife!

I wish there were a pill for brain fog. Unfortunately, I'm on too many medications and in order to avoid interactions is to keep it the way it is and not add 5 more meds.

How do you deal with Brain/Fibro Fog? Do you have a reminder system in place? and perhaps a backup?
I miss my exits, have to circle the city a couple times bc I'm running errands the very long way, rather than in an order that flows well for locations. I forget things as soon as I open my mouth to speak at times.
And trying to remember something long enough to get out my notepad to write it down? Pfft, forget about that happening 87% of the time!!

Rest well, Spoonies! Happy Spring, and remember to listen to your bodies. It will tell you what it wants/needs....if you only tune in. Gentle Hugs & lots of prayers

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