Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Scary Two Weeks I've Had...

on Thursday, 8/4/16, I had my very first round of Botox injections for my chronic migraines.
on Tuesday, 8/9/16, I had a seizure-like episode, and am so lucky that my friend was there with me
Per my Neurologist, it isn't urgent but I need to see the PA this week. The schedules didn't mesh until Friday, 8/12/16
before my appt on 8/12/16, while in the lobby at the gift stand, I had another mini episode.
at my appt on 8/12/16, I met my PA for the Neurologist's office. She kept making comments and insinuations that I should've seen the ER dr bc this was/should've been considered urgent. yet all she did was write orders for EEG, bloodwork, and a brain MRI with and without contrast. the front office staff scheduled the EEG at the hospital for 8/18/16, since my husband is off work that day - bc my dr said no driving until she or the other dr release me to drive after all these tests. So either way, I know I'm not driving for at least a week since the EEG was scheduled for the following Thursday, 8/16/16. I had questions for the MRI, so Advanced Radiology scheduled me for the following Friday at 11am, although she was having issues with the insurance company, so she said the appt may need changed or canceled.
Tomorrow is my EEG and I have to make sure I have clean, dry hair with no products or gels. AND NO CAFFEINE for 24 hours prior to the test. They obviously don't know what type of morning monster they'll have on their hands. First step to see if it is seizures I am having, or to see what exactly has been going on.

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