Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So tired

I can't think straight. I am just to tired to function. I have a crap ton of things to do, but no energy or motivation to get them done during "business hours" because I sleep during the day. This stinks!!
Well, tired or not; my pain is too intense to sleep right now. I tried for 2 hours to fall asleep, but I didn't want to risk waking up Sonny with all the rolling & tossing.
I've been doing some research on tablet pc's and have found that I really, really, really want the original Apple iPad...not the new one that's coming out soon. I'm sure the price will come down from $399 once the iPad2 hits the shelves in a couple days.
Gosh, I didn't realize how exhausted I really am. I'm sitting here attempting to type (constantly having to use the backspace for major errors) and my screen is slipping sideways and going funny on me. Well, not the screen really; but my eye sight is definitely going goofy right now. Blah. I don't know how many more weird symptoms are going to pop up, but I'm through with them!! Hell, the pain is enough...add in that I smell sulfur on a constant basis now...and it's all just too much to handle!
Okay, I think I've given myself a headache from staring at the screen trying to type properly.

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